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Dongguan Jin Hong Sheng Electrical Co., Ltd. Which is one of a subsidiaries of GuangDong GoSun group. It was established in 2004, and at the same time , it begun to produce the Evavporators and Condensers for Air conditioners. In 2009 , our business gradually expand to other new areas of research and development, manufacture and sales of household Air conditioning, mobile air conditioner, dehumidifier, purifier, coffee machine, of which business in over 160 countries and regions in the world.


We Dongguan Jin Hong Sheng electrical Co., Ltd. owns the "JHS" and"DenBig" two brands. There are two production bases in our company . And two factories, six assembly lines for air conditioning and dehumidifiers are in it .One factory is in Dongguan city , covering an area of 70,000 square meters. The other is in Anhui province, covering an area of 182,000 square meters. Jinhongsheng has become the largest manufacturer of mobile air conditioners and dehumidifiers in China . Relative to other competitors, JHS has absolute advantage in manufacturing capacity, because we can produce most of the parts such as heat exchangers, injection molding, PCB, motor, plastic, paint, etc.


The annual producing capacity are 2 million air conditioners and dehumidifiers.Since 2008, the JHS has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system.Its products are gained safe certified CB, GS, CE, UL, ETL, etc. And the LFGB,DMH,DGCCRF, will be match to RoHS standard . In order to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients, we have been committed to meeting our customers' requirements .


We have gradually established our own distribution channels in Australia, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Dongguan.  And also formed sales network around the world.In 2015, the JHS brand ranked third among all small brands in online malls such as, Tmall, Taobao and Suning.


Adhering to the principle of quality first, customer satisfaction and continuous development, JHS has developed rapidly in the past few years. At present, the product has been sold to more than 50 countries and regions.JHS has established business relationships with many of the world's leading brands, such as Carrefour, Electrolux, Enhell, Suntec, Altise, BEKO, Euromb, Wilfa, KOP, Clatronic, etc.

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